The Best Day of My Life

Well, the 2018-2019 NFL season is over. This year’s Super Bowl featured a
low scoring victory for the New England Patriots over the Los Angeles
Rams. As most of you know, I’ve been a lifelong New Orleans Saints fan. I
was so happy when the Saints went to their first Super Bowl a few years
ago. I’m old enough to remember the days when Saints fans longed for
their first winning season. Growing up in Columbia, MS we could only
watch the Saints on television when they were playing on the road. The
home games were blacked out in our area because there were always unsold
tickets. It was quite some time before I ever knew what the inside of the
Superdome looked like. My grandfather cheered for the Saints. One year,
we even bought him a Who Dat t-shirt for Christmas. He wore it with
pride even when they struggled to put points on the scoreboard. Today, I
enjoy watching the Saints with my family. Sometimes, I think Angela and
Jessica are more excited about the games than I am.

When the Saints won the Super Bowl, we celebrated as I am sure many fans
did. We watched the players, coaches and their families reveling in the
victory. Then, I saw a television reporter talking with people about
their reaction to the game. One fan said, this is the greatest thing
that has ever happened to me. More than one person said, this is the
best day of my life.

Watching the Saints win the Super Bowl with my family was an exciting
moment. Im sure I’ll remember it for a long time. But it sure isnt the
greatest thing that ever happened to me. It doesnt even make the top
ten. Don’t get me wrong – it was a good day, but there are many other
days that are much more meaningful. As Christians, the best thing that
ever happened was when Jesus Christ took our sins upon Himself and died
on the cross in our place. When you consider the scope of the victory Christ
won for us that day, a football game pales in comparison.

There have been many great days in my life that are far more important
than a win on the football field. The day of our wedding and the day our
daughter was born rank among the most meaningful. But the greatest day
of my life and the greatest day of any believers life is the day when
we confessed our sins to God, and trusted in Jesus as our Lord and Savior.
Paul said in 2 Corinthians 6:2, in the day of salvation I have helped
you. Thats a day to get excited about!

The morning after New Orleans won the Super Bowl, a friend of mine made a
comment that put the fervor and frenzy of the Saints victory in
perspective. He said, If people would spend as much time and energy at
church and worship as they do on football we would be so much better off
as a nation. I added my amen to his comment. Sure, it’s okay to be
excited about your team, but are you even more excited about serving God?

God Bless You,
Bro. Joe

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