O Come Let Us Adore Him

Many words come to mind when describing the Christmas season. Some people
think about “celebration” and Christmas is certainly a time when we get
together with family and friends. Others may associate “presents” with
this time of the year, whether it is buying gifts for others or
anticipating what we might receive. I am sure there are many more, but
unfortunately the word that comes to my mind is “busy”.

I usually keep my calendars from years past in my desk. This week, I
looked back to November and December of 2017. Practically every day from
Thanksgiving until New Year’s Day was filled with some sort of holiday
activity. There were several parties, receptions and dinners on the
calendar. Each week there was at least one special church function to
celebrate the season. In between, I saw shopping trips and reminders to
put up decorations, address Christmas cards and wrap gifts. No wonder the
Christmas season seems to fly by. Every day is filled with activities and
the anticipation of that special day.
Beginning next month and continuing each Sunday morning through
Christmas, I’m preaching a new sermon series called, “O Come Let Us Adore
Him”. You’ll recognize that phrase from the popular Christmas Carol, “O
Come All Ye Faithful” based on the even older song “Adeste Fideles”. Each
week, I’ll look into God’s Word and explore ways in which we can “come”
and “adore” Jesus; not just at Christmas but all year long. It is my prayer
that these messages will encourage us all to slow down and demonstrate our
love for Jesus through our worship, our lives and our service to Christ.

This year, I pray that we won’t allow the word, “busy” to overshadow the
real meaning of Christmas. God was not too busy to send us His Son. The
shepherds weren’t too busy to leave their flocks and come to worship the
newborn King. The wise men weren’t too busy to follow the star which led
them to the baby in the manger. Jesus was not too busy to die on a cross
for your sins & mine. May we not be too busy to show our love to Him.

God bless you all and have a Merry Christmas season!