“The More The Merrier”

There are dozens of expressions and sayings we use every single day. We
have heard them all our lives and they are part of our vocabulary. If
somebody tells you something you find hard to believe, you might say,
“you’re pulling my leg”. This week, I asked somebody how they were
feeling. They said, “I’m sick as a dog”. Those expressions might sound
odd to someone who hears them for the first time. But we know exactly what
those phrases mean. But do you ever wonder where sayings like that come
from? It’s interesting and sometimes surprising to learn when expressions
like that first entered the English language. Some were taken from books,
plays, or poems. Other sayings come from famous celebrities or

One phrase we all know is, “the more the merrier”. But do you know where
that old saying comes from? I did some research and found that the first
recorded use of that saying was way back in 1530. You might be surprised
to learn that it was a description of food. The author was noting that the
more food present on a banquet table, the merrier the people would be.
From that point on, the phrase was used in many different ways. Some
writers applied it to having children, the pursuit of money, or rain.

I think we can apply that phrase to church as well. The more people who
are present and involved in the worship and service of God, the merrier!
Think about it – a Sunday School class is more enjoyable with a larger
group of people. The more people in a choir, the richer and fuller the
music. I’ve preached to sanctuaries full of people and some with only a
handful. I don’t know how to describe it, but worship services are more
inspiring when the pews are filled with God’s people.

Whenever you are absent from church, please know that you are missed. You
may think that you are the only one who misses something when you are away
from Sunday school, but your absence leaves a void in the class. You may
think that the choir can get along fine without you but I promise you that
the other members miss you. Maybe you’ve been staying away from church for
a few weeks, or maybe you haven’t been in years. Do you think anybody
misses you? Guess what, they do! There are people who are looking forward to seeing you this Sunday and every Sunday … there is a place for you in God’s church … the more the merrier!

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